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Body cavity Adult 12FR probes disposable temperature

The patient sensor of disposable temperature probe is placed into oral or rectal cavity, or under axilla, and the device connector is connected to compatible monitors or thermometers with temperature extension cord. The main principle of the product is to adopt negative temperature coefficient thermistor with stable resistance-temperature characteristics and wide measurement range, whose resistance value decreases as temperature increases.

There are 10K and 2.252K resistors available, more resistance values can be customized.


    Product Name: Body cavity Adult 12FR probes disposable temperature
    Shelf Life: 2 years
    Product size: 12FR, OD:4.0mm
    Place of Origin: Shenzhen,China
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    Working principle of body temperature probe

    The probe for body temperature measurement contains a high-precision thermistor whose impedance varies with the external temperature. The instrument converts the impedance change of the thermistor into an electrical signal and calculates the temperature value.

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    Placement of body temperature probe

    The probe conducts the temperature by the heat transfer surface and is used as a thermometer. If the probe is not properly connected to the body surface, or the patient 's movement causes the probe to become loose, it will result in incorrect temperature values. To avoid this, it is recommended that two tapes be used to securely attach the temperature probe to the patient 's axillary fossa, one tape will be attached to the skin and the other to secure the lead of the probe so as not to cause the probe to fall off when pulled.

    Cleaning and Maintenance of Body Temperature Probe

    In daily maintenance, the cable surface dirt of body temperature probe can be cleaned after soaking the sponge with soapy water or other appropriate cleaning agent, then wiped dry, and the probe can be disinfected with absolute alcohol. Do not immerse the probe cable in water, let alone scrub with any abrasives. The temperature resistance of body temperature probe shall not exceed 60℃, and it is strictly prohibited to use the way of high temperature and high pressure for disinfection. Probes and cables are stored at temperatures between -20℃ and + 60℃ and may be suspended or laid flat when not in use to prevent damage and do not bend or twist cables strongly.