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Application And Development Trend Of Medical Pressure Extension Tube

2023-12-22 15:09:07

The medical industry is closely related to everyone 's life, and with the advancement of medical technology, it can help people get rid of more diseases and enjoy a healthy and happy life. Modern medical technology has developed rapidly, and many new medical products appear every year, especially in the field of medical consumables, which has made great contributions to the entire medical system. Medical pressure extension tubing belongs to disposable medical consumables and has been widely used in the current medical industry.

Application And Development Trend Of Medical Pressure Extension Tube (2)ngv

Use of pressure extension tube

Friends who have known about medical devices know that pressure extension tubes belong to a field of medical consumables subdivision, and this device is usually used in the process of performing various infusions. For example, when adjusting the flow rate of infusion and increasing the filtration of liquid medicine, the extension tube can play a great role. By matching with disposable infusion sets, this extension tube can meet many different use needs, and its functionality is not unilateral.

Current market size

In recent years, the development speed of the whole field related to medical consumables has been rapid. Under the background of continuous improvement of medical level, the demand for this consumable will certainly increase, because the consumable itself has a key role in some special medical means and is even indispensable. The market size of medical pressure extension tubes has expanded a lot in recent years, while maintaining the attitude of continuous and rapid growth. For consumable suppliers, the overall development prospects are very optimistic.

Current Problem

For now, although extension tubes have been widely used, there is still much room for improvement in the production environment. Now the production process still needs to rely on a lot of manual assembly, has not yet fully achieved automation, this situation consumes a relatively high labor cost, but also easy to cause production pollution, for the quality is a great test.

In order to further improve the profit margin of medical pressure extension tube and promote the development of market, it is certainly necessary to make more improvements in the production environment, solve technical problems, and realize the decline of overall cost through the upgrading of technology.