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Operating Use Of Pulse Oximeter

2023-12-22 14:40:10

Oximeter System

Pulse oximeter is generally composed of oxygen saturation detection module, industrial control machine or PC machine, blood oxygen detection probe (generally finger cuff type), etc. Some are developed directly as a whole or portable. If the developed oximetry module is used to build the system, because the level voltage between the module and industrial control machine or PC machine is different, they should also be connected through the level conversion module, so that the correct communication can be carried out.

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Operating Use of Pulse Oximeter

Whether the oximeter can be correctly operated depends on the accuracy of the test results. Transmittance pulse oximeters mostly use fingers, earlobes, toes, etc. as the detection sites, because these sites are the most easily transmitted parts of light. For the pulse oximeter using finger cuff sensing probe, it is best to clean the finger and nail before detection, otherwise if there are too many dirt, it will hinder the transmission of light, thus causing a certain impact on the measurement results. During the measurement, the middle finger is clamped in the finger cuff, and attention should be paid to whether the nail should be directly aimed at the lightning pipe of the upper wall. After clamping, attention should also be paid to whether the four sides of the finger cuff are tightly closed to avoid the interference of ambient light. After the finger cuff is clamped and started, the bleeding oxygen saturation can be read after the measurement data is stable, and the pulse rate value and pulse waveform can generally be read by the current oximeter.

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