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Pulse Nellcor Oximax compatible disposable SPO2 probes

The patient sensor end of the product is clamped the patient’s index finger with (Thumb, middle finger or others, great toes), and the device connector is connected to compatible monitors or oximeters with SPO2 extension cord. The product adopts 660nm red light and 905nm Infrared light as incident light source, tests light intensity through tissue to obtain SPO2 value as well as pulse rate.


    Pulse oximetry Sp02 refers to the percentage value of blood oxygen content and blood oxygen volume. Sp02 is well-established as a noninvasive, rapidly responsive, safe, and reliable continuous monitor. It is now widely used in anesthesia, surgery, and PACU and ICU. According to the spectral characteristics of oxyhemoglobin (Hb02) and reduced hemoglobin (Hb) in the red light and infrared light regions, it can be seen that the absorption of Hb02 and Hb in the red light region (600 ~ 700 nm) is very different, the degree of light absorption and light scattering of blood greatly depends on the oxygen saturation: while in the infrared spectral region (800 ~ 1000 mm), the absorption is quite different, and the degree of light absorption and light scattering of blood are mainly related to the hemoglobin content. Therefore, the contents of Hb02 and Hb are also different in different absorption spectra. Therefore, the blood in the blood catheter of oxygen saturation meter can accurately reflect the oxygen saturation of bleeding according to the contents of Hb02 and Hb. The ratio of blood reflections near 660 nm to 900 nm (p 660/900) most sensitively reflects changes in bleeding oxygen saturation, and this ratio is also used as a variable in clinical general oximeters. In the light pathway, light is absorbed by tissues such as skin, soft tissue, venous blood, and capillary blood in addition to arterial hemoglobin.

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    Product information

    Product Name: Pulse Nellcor Oximax compatible disposable SPO2 probes
    Shelf Life: 2 years
    Function: Blood Oxygen Saturation
    Place of Origin: Shenzhen,China
    Nellcor Compatible Disposable SPO2 Probes471