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Skin probes disposable temperature sensor

The patient sensor of disposable temperature probe is placed into oral or rectal cavity, or under axilla, and the device connector is connected to compatible monitors or thermometers with temperature extension cord. The main principle of the product is to adopt negative temperature coefficient thermistor with stable resistance-temperature characteristics and wide measurement range, whose resistance value decreases as temperature increases.

There are 10K and 2.252K resistors available, more resistance values can be customized.


    The working principle and advantage of the temperature probe

    The temperature sensor is a sensitive element, which is usually composed of one or several high-precision rapid-response thermistors (NTC chips), and it is directly related to the accuracy and response speed of the output temperature. The disposable medical temperature probe composed of this temperature sensor can read the patient 's body temperature within 4 seconds, which is several orders of magnitude higher than the traditional mercury thermometer, and its advantage is quite obvious.

    ● shorter reaction time, real-time monitoring; 

    ● no repeated measurement, reducing the cumbersome work of medical staff and improving the nursing efficiency; 

    ● the accuracy of measurement is higher, the accuracy of JCR Medical body temperature probe can achieve ± 0.01℃

    ● disposable use, no cumbersome disinfection, avoiding cross infection of patients; 

    ● the core body temperature of patients is monitored, which is more accurate than the body surface temperature;

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    Disposable medical temperature sensor has been used in combination with monitor at home and abroad for more than 30 years. It is safer, simpler and more sanitary for temperature measurement. It can continuously and accurately provide body temperature data, eliminating the complex procedure of repeated disinfection and avoiding the risk of cross infection between patients. Especially in the operating room, ICU, special care room, real-time, continuous, stable, safe and accurate monitoring of patient body temperature changes is helpful for doctors to confirm the diagnosis, determine the condition and analyze the efficacy, which has very important clinical significance.

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