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Disposable Sterile Angioplasty balloon inflation device

In thecontext of medical procedures, the specific device used for pressurizing the balloon dilator catheter during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) surgery is typically referred to as a balloon inflation device or angioplasty inflation device.


    This product are specifically designed for this purpose and are not generally referred to as disposable pressure pumps. Balloon inflation devices used in PTCA surgery are often reusable, sterile devices that consist of a hand-held inflation device, a pressure gauge, and a syringe or connector for attaching to the balloon dilator catheter. The device allows the operator to control and monitor the pressure applied to the balloon as it is inflated within the blood vessel.

    At present, pressure pump is commonly used to inflate or deflate the balloon of balloon dilatation catheter in clinical PTCA. It can inflate the balloon as needed to change the balloon pressure and shape, dilate the balloon, detect the pressure in the balloon and deflate the balloon during the balloon dilatation. In use, the pressure pump pressurizes and injects contrast agent or normal saline solution into the affected cardiovascular disease area of the patient, and closely monitors the surgical treatment process through DSA equipment in this process; if stent placement is continued, contrast agent can also be used, pressurizing and relieving the balloon used through the pressure pump to achieve the purpose of dilating and placing the stent, so that it expands and contracts to achieve the purpose of dilating the vessel or releasing the stent. The selection and use of inflator shall consider the maximum pressure given to balloon dilation catheter as well as the degree of dilated blood vessel of patient, so as to select the inflator with excessive pressure. The inflator must be used by a trained physician or caregiver.

    This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and is a disposable medical device. Shelf life: 3 years.

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