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disposable BIS EEG Sensor Electrode

The Disposable EEG Sensor is an EEG sensor designed for single use. It is used to detect and record electrical activity in the brain, which helps monitor brain function, diagnose neurological disorders and conduct research. The product is designed for medical institution departments to monitor the depth of anesthesia and other EEG biosignals of patients, and is used in conjunction with EEG monitoring equipment such as anesthesia depth monitoring to ensure that the proper depth of anesthesia is achieved during surgery.

    Product Features

    1. the disposable EEG sensor is a multi-electrode sheet integrated product, which is lightweight, easy to use and prevents cross-infection;

    2. using pre-set conductive adhesive, with good conductivity, can fully contact with the skin, fast time to extract EEG signals;

    3. low impedance, weak signal attenuation, not easy to be scratched and worn;

    4. by cooperating with EEG monitoring equipment such as depth of anesthesia monitor, medical personnel can monitor the patient's depth of anesthesia and other EEG physiological conditions in real time.

    Functional Features

    1. it can be equipped with BIS anesthesia depth module of Philips, Mindray, Edan, Comen, Biolight and other brands of monitoring for use, and accurately transmits intraoperative patient's EEG signals;

    2. Adopting imported conductive materials, latex-free and passing strict biocompatibility testing;

    3. using high-quality 3M double-sided adhesive, non-toxic to the skin, non-irritation, no allergic reaction, widely recognized by the clinic;

    4. coated with imported silver paste (silver chloride) material to ensure accurate transmission of EEG signals;

    5. Temperature: -10℃-40℃.

    6. AC impedance: ≦3KΩ (10HZ)

    7. Applicable people: This product can be applied to adults weighing >40kg, adhered to their heads; children weighing 10-40kg, adhered to their heads.