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Disposable Angiography syringe Insuflation Device

Disposable angiography syringes are commonly used for medical imaging procedures such as angiography or angioplasty. This type of syringe is designed to inject contrast dye into blood vessels so that it is visible on X-ray imaging. Contrast dye helps doctors see and diagnose conditions such as blocked arteries, aneurysms, or other blood vessel abnormalities. The disposable nature of the syringe ensures it is used only once to maintain sterility and reduce the risk of contamination during these delicate procedures. This type of syringe is an essential tool for an interventional radiologist or cardiologist when performing angiography or angioplasty to help diagnose and treat blood vessel disease.


    Used for precisely controlling the injection volume of push contrast agent in interventional operation.

    Product Features

    Accurately control the injection dose, is easy to operate, and is easy to use.

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    Product characteristics

    1. Transparent design of syringe makes the observation clearer and more accurate;

    2. Obvious scale mark is conducive to easy reading in the operation;

    3. The air defense gas injection design is used to make the operation more safe and reliable;

    4. The design of push rod and barrel is simple and convenient.

    The use of disposable angiographic syringes requires appropriate training and is usually performed by healthcare professionals in a clinical setting. The following is a general overview of their use:

    Preparation: Ensure that the syringe is sterile and undamaged. Check the expiration date and integrity of the packaging before use, and fill the disposable angiography syringe with the appropriate contrast agent according to the instructions provided by the healthcare facility and healthcare professional. The contrast agent is a special dye used to visualize blood vessels during angiography.

    Connection: A disposable syringe filled with contrast agent is connected to the catheter or tubing system used for the angiography procedure, and the healthcare professional will then use the syringe to carefully inject the contrast agent into the blood vessel through the catheter while monitoring the flow rate to ensure that the correct amount is being injected.

    It is important to note that disposable angiography syringes should only be used by healthcare professionals who have received specialized training in interventional procedures and are familiar with angiography guidelines and protocols. Always follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer and the healthcare professional supervising the procedure.