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Body cavity Adult 9FR probes disposable temperature

The patient sensor of disposable temperature probe is placed into oral or rectal cavity, or under axilla, and the device connector is connected to compatible monitors or thermometers with temperature extension cord. The main principle of the product is to adopt negative temperature coefficient thermistor with stable resistance-temperature characteristics and wide measurement range, whose resistance value decreases as temperature increases.

There are 10K and 2.252K resistors available, more resistance values can be customized.


    Monitoring physiological parameters of patients is a critical task in clinical diagnosis and treatment. It allows doctors to understand the instantaneous physiological changes of patients, so as to timely detect and deal with the problems of patients and ensure their life and health. The monitor is a medical instrument used to monitor the vital signs of patients and reflect the instantaneous physiological changes of patients in time, which can help doctors accurately find problems and deal with problems and ensure the life safety of patients. Medical temperature probes allow for more accurate, safer, and more comfortable continuous patient temperature management, and this temperature probe plays an increasingly important role in the prognosis period during anesthesia and after surgery.

    The mean oral, axillary, and rectal temperatures obtained by real-time monitoring of the patient 's body temperature with a body temperature probe were not significantly different from those measured by a mercury thermometer, and were more convenient and safe.

    Product Name: Body cavity Adult 9FR probes disposable temperature
    Shelf Life: 2 years
    Product size: 9FR, OD:3.0mm
    Place of Origin: Shenzhen,China
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    Disposable body temperature probe for accurate measurement

    1. Good insulation protection prevents the risk of electric shock and is safer; prevent liquid from flowing into the connection and ensure correct reading;

    2. Anti-interference design of temperature probe, the probe end distributes the radiation reflection paste, and while fixing the paste position, it can also effectively isolate the ambient temperature and radiated light interference and ensure that the body temperature monitoring data are more accurate;

    3. the patch does not contain latex, and viscous foam evaluated by biocompatibility can fix the temperature measurement position, wear comfortably and is not irritating to the skin;

    4. It can be used in combination with neonatal incubator to meet the requirements of high neonatal safety and hygiene index.

    At present, most ICU wards or departments requiring real-time monitoring of patient body temperature in many large hospitals use disposable medical temperature probes as an important tool for patient body temperature management.

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