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Arterial line pressure Bbraun compatible for haemodynamic parameters

  • Code Description
  • JIBPT-02-YP Double-channel, Abbott type
  • JIBPT-02-UT Double-channel, Utah type
  • JIBPT-02-EDW Double-channel, Edward type
  • JIBPT-02-MD Double-channel, Medex type
  • JIBPT-02-BD Double-channel, BD type
  • JIBPT-02-BL Double-channel, Bbraun type
  • JIBPT-02-PVB Double-channel, PVB type
  • JIBPT-02-USB Double-channel, USB type
  • JIBPT-02-MR Double-channel,Mindray type


The disposable pressure sensor enhances the flexibility of the medical environment by being compatible with various invasive blood pressure sensing devices. It seamlessly integrates with different systems and devices, enabling healthcare professionals to effectively adapt to specific patient needs. This adaptability is critical because each patient requires individualized care, and this product allows healthcare professionals to monitor each individual precisely.

The disposable pressure sensor is an innovative medical device that combines superior functionality and convenience. Its ability to convert blood pressure or chamber pressure into electrical signals, combined with real-time monitoring, enables healthcare professionals to make informed decisions quickly. Additionally, its single-use nature ensures that hygiene and cross-contamination issues are significantly reduced. The product is compatible with a variety of invasive blood pressure sensing devices to meet individual patient needs. JCR Medical are excited to introduce this breakthrough product to the medical community, improving patient care and outcomes.

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● Compact, 100%-tested devices for excellent pressure transmission.

● Advanced chip technology for accurate recording of values.

● Pre-calibrated sensor with constant electrical parameters.

● Optimized fluid channel for easy filling without air bubbles.