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Mindray compatible ECG trunk cable

Connected between instrument and electrode and used to transmit the electrophysiological signals collected from human body surface in combination with monitor and electrocardiograph. It is the responsibility of the user to read the device 's Instructions for Use prior to use or to reach out to the company to confirm that this attachment matches the device. Users must be professionally trained clinical staff.


    ● Please select the main ECG cable and lead wire according to the patient type;

    ● Check the main ECG cable and lead wire. If there is any sign of damage or material deterioration, please do not use it for patient monitoring;

    ● If want to abandon it, please carry out it in accordance with the relevant local regulations or the abandonment treatment system of the hospital, and do not discard it at will;

    ● Select the main trunk ECG cable according to the ECG interface type of monitor; when the monitor and main ECG cable with different interfaces are used, please select the ECG transfer cable for transfer.

    Mindray compatible ECG trunk cable (4)w18



    ● Do not immerse the cable assembly in water or disinfectant;

    ● Do not wet the pin of the cable assembly;

    ● Frequent disinfection of cable assemblies can damage them. It is recommended that the cable assembly be disinfected if required according to hospital regulations;

    ● Use only cleaning agents and disinfectants specified in this insert.

    Mindray compatible ECG trunk cable (1)b95
    Mindray compatible ECG trunk cable (2)yp6
    Mindray compatible ECG trunk cable (3)ai2


    The ECG trunk cable is 2.7 m. Length of 3-lead and 5-lead wires: 0.8 m; length of 3-lead extender leads: 1 m; length of 5-lead extender leads: RA(R)、LA(L)、V(C)length is 1 m,RL(N)、LL(F)length is 1.4 m;The 12-lead limb lead length was 1.25 m and the 12-lead chest lead length was 1 m.

    ECG cables, lead wires, and adapter cables comply with the standard of ANSI/AAMI EC53 and IEC60601-1.