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Mindray compatible SPO2 adapter cables

The SPO2 extension cable is used to connect the disposable SPO2 sensor and monitor to complete the signal connection and conversion.

Different brands of monitor correspond to different SPO2 extension cables.


    Mindray compatible SPO2 adapter cables-19x6

    The intended use: mainly with the corresponding monitor or oximeter supporting, for the acquisition and transmission of the patient's oxygen saturation and pulse rate signal.

    Cleaning: Clean with a cloth soaked warm with mild detergent or soap solution. The product should be dry after cleaning.

    Disinfection: Use chemical disinfectants to disinfect, such as alcohol, propanol or phenol disinfectant. 

    Note: Do not immerse the product in liquid. Do not subject to strong UV radiation.

    If the sealed plastic bag is damaged during transportation/storage, the product can be cleaned, disinfected and dried by medical professionals before storage or use.

    Mindray compatible SPO2 adapter cables (1)pyv
    Mindray compatible SPO2 adapter cables (2)615
    Mindray compatible SPO2 adapter cablesgmp

    Product Specification

    Use period 1 year
    Storage period 3 years
    Transportation/storage method After the product is cleaned, disinfected and dried, it should be placed in a sealed plastic bag, and the environment inside should meet the following conditions
    Temperature  -20℃~+55℃ Relative humidity: not more than 95% Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa
    Normal working conditions Ambient temperature: 5℃~40℃
    Relative humidity not more than 80% Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

    Product Model

    P/N Product name
    J08S002L Biolight A series compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J1BS001L Space 10P compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J1FS002L Siemens 7P compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J28S001L Datex 10 Hole compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J48S001L Goldway 5P compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J52S001L Philips 12P compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J52S002L Philips 8P compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J69S001L Mindray 6P compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J69S004L Mindray T series compatible to SPO2 adapter cables