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Philips 8P compatible SPO2 adapter cables

The use skills and detection of disposable blood oxygen probes are mainly aimed at the following groups of people, critically ill patients, newborn children, adolescents and children. They are widely used in daily clinical operations and daily nursing treatment, making it a medical consumable. An essential electronic monitoring device in the middle, which solves many problems for most patients, the SPO2 adapter cables connects to the disposable SPO2 probe at one end and to the monitor at the other end to transmit the signal.


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    The SPO2 adapter cables can connect both disposable and reusable SPO2 probes, comparison of clinical application of disposable and repetitive blood oxygen probes

    1). Disposable probes can choose different discussion types according to different patients, and the measurement value is more accurate.

    2). The "repeatability" probe is reused between patients. The probe cannot be disinfected with anti-virus liquid, and it cannot be sterilized at high temperature, which may easily cause cross-infection of the patient's virus. The disposable probe can prevent infection.

    3). Disposable probes can provide various medical grade adhesive tapes according to the different pathological needs of patients, which is convenient for clinical monitoring needs.

    4). The adhesive disposable blood oxygen probe does not contain latex. It uses a specially designed soft sponge and Velcro. This material is comfortable and safe. It can prevent skin allergies when used for a long time.

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    Product Model

    P/N Product name
    J08S002L Biolight A series compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J1BS001L Space 10P compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J1FS002L Siemens 7P compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J28S001L Datex 10 Hole compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J48S001L Goldway 5P compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J52S001L Philips 12P compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J52S002L Philips 8P compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J69S001L Mindray 6P compatible to SPO2 adapter cables
    J69S004L Mindray T series compatible to SPO2 adapter cables